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3 responses to “Feedback

  1. Jessica Siegrist

    Andria is always willing to use her creative skills and apply them in US History. She recently made a design to compare quotes of MLK. Jr to Malcolm X. Her completed assignment was awesome and I requested to keep it so I could use as a model in the future! I’m excited to see more of her work in the portfolio section of this blog. Keep up the good work! -Ms. Siegrist 🙂

  2. Elizabeth M. C. Abell, EdD

    Andria is a very creative and talented student. She is a leader! In addition to her photographic and video skills, Andria is always the first to volunteer for career area functions. She has a positive attitude and a willingness to “stick it out” until she gets it “just right”.

  3. Krista Cannatelli

    Andria is one of the most caring people you’ll ever meet. She puts others before herself.

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